Why use APAC Assistance?


buy neurontin, gabin, gabapin uk •   APAC Assistance – East Asia and the Pacific (offices and operational presence in Singapore, Thailand, Philippines)
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Concord Consulting – Indonesia
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MitKat – South Asia (offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore)

Our clients are all in Asia-Pacific, we do not bid for arm’s length contracts decided by public servants abroad.

The membership also allows you access to our specialists for telephonic advice 4 times a year, beyond that we charge at member rates.

We do not over-subscribe members to ensure optimum operational capability.

We rely on consulting revenues, we charge minimal rate for information services (less than 10% of our competitors.

We can do this because we do not have a business model based on selling to gain inertia revenues from unused paying members that do not know they are members because their organization has lost track of how many people and who is registered.

Our client usability participation rate by registered clients is 100% whereas international medically based assistance companies are less than 2% of registered security members.

We have more consultants in Asia-Pacific and they are located where the business needs are not for Sales Presence.

We have more experienced operational and commercial level professionals, with people counted as Managers ONLY if they have more than 30 years combined experience in the military or police, industrial or corporate security, and commercial backgrounds. Our Executives must have had more than 10 years private sector experience in operationally testing security environments.

APAC Assistance Directors must speak their mother tongue plus two languages relevant to their coverage area. Directors are based in Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, Singapore, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. We have multilingual specialists and advisors.

We don’t count administrative and medical staff in Emergency and Risk management footprints, we avoid a smoke and mirrors approach.

Our consultants are experienced and versatile Emergency Management professionals capable of more than implementing systems. They also design and improve systems, they trouble shoot problems, and they add value to client’s needs.

Security and Emergency professionals, not medical doctors or financially interested parties, own all of our consortium member companies.

We do not purport as a front for intelligence services just to gain credibility.

We use only competent personnel who have extensive commercial security and emergency management experience for crafting advisories, assessments and for giving emergency management advice and conducting emergency management support operations.

Average time in Asia is greater than 20 years per Manager in non-administrative roles (years of service is accrued on operationally exposed roles only).

The people that you speak to about a contract with our group are the same people that deliver on the contract. We do not use salesmen.

We do not sub-contract surge work to inexperienced consultants. We only use experienced personnel from within the Partnership group.

We do not pretend to have access to global intelligence services.

We have internal professional intelligence analysts with proven record and background as regional experts.

We have solid professional information networks.

We do not have unnecessary layers of editors that delay the dissemination of information.

We share and collaborate information during emergency situations in Asia live online and on the telephone.

We don’t get inundated with calls because we do not oversubscribe our services.

We have in excess of 150 clients including ADB, Caterpillar, World Bank and many Multi-National companies.

We have more Emergency Management and Risk Management professionals in the region:

  APAC Assistance – 6
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Concord Consulting – more than 15
•   MitKat – 8 (offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore)

Our competitors have less than the number of experienced specialists in our group and contract people on short notice with an often-unproven record.

We offer cost-effective solutions, services and tasks are explained by security and emergency management professionals, and clients are consulted at each step before decisions with cost implications are made.

Our security and emergency management specialists and consultants can be reached directly by clients not via Call Centers and Telephonists. This is critical in emergencies so that experts are reached immediately.

APAC Assistance provides clients with a well-rounded approach to security risk, threat prevention and mitigation by examining the total risk exposure from business conceptualization, planning and development. Our analysis is also based on governance structure, operations, and reputational issues through an intelligence and risk-based assessment.

This approach allows better strategic foresight in the face of an ever-changing risk environment. It also allows important trends to be seen in advance. These events may include:

  Changes in government and regulatory systems
Peace and order problem
Labor disputes and civil protests
Community relations and emerging reputational issues affecting the company
Other issues/developments that may affect the security paradigm

Our security specialists have a broad range of experience in developing strategy and plans for the protection of assets in:

  The energy and resource sector
   Intermodal transportation and logistics
•   Information and communications technology industry
•   Multinational corporations and organizations
•   Global hotel chain businesses
•   Financial services and banking sector
•   Multilateral organizations
•   International non-government and development organizations