APAC Assistance provides services that cover investigations, maritime security and risk solutions to help organizations focus on their core business.

watch •  Providing operational, investigations, fraud prevention and mitigation solutions to leading companies in the Asia-Pacific Region.
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Working with companies in the Oil, Gas, and Mining industries and critical infrastructures ensuring synergy with Health, Safety, and Environment goals. •  
Providing solutions to IPR implementation and enforcement with focus on illicit pharmaceuticals, pirated optical media and software, counterfeit industrial products, FMCG, and other products.We also support countermeasures against consortiums working on cross border smuggling activity.
Supporting companies and organizations in managing travel security risks. We provide comprehensive and detailed security briefings on nominated destinations from information overview to in-country escorts and logistics support.
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Assisting companies and organizations manage and mitigate the impact of crises and emergencies throughout the Asia Pacific Region.We provide expert advice, train management teams and responders, deploy specialists, and provide materials and logistics support during emergency situations.