Corporate & Fraud Investigations

Investigations in South East Asia require careful flexibility in order to ensure an effective solution, without creating further issues potentially greater than the problems being investigated.The potential for monetary losses and information leaks needs to be handled in a delicate manner. Investigations conducted in a process driven way are not always the most effective course of action, on the assumption that judicial systems will usually support the victim.  Initial problems have the potential to become minor in comparison to issues that arise through poorly planned investigations that do not consider all possibilities.

Managing investigations requires individuals with local knowledge of legal systems and Expatriate specialists who understand the dynamics of dealing directly with the leadership of large Western companies.

Investigations are part of a detailed and specialized field. Our investigators and case managers come from select backgrounds grounded in police and law enforcement investigative disciplines, intelligence, national security, international commercial and corporate investigations, in-depth research and journalism. Our Directors are proven operators who are long-term, multi-lingual residents of Asia, ensuring investigation outcomes are managed in an appropriate way that respects the sensitivities of the client’s wishes.

Our services deliver professional, confidential solutions utilizing the full range of our investigators and their networks in the skilled manner required of the agile environments of South East Asia.

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