Due Diligence

Due Diligence


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Business Intelligence
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Compliance and Corporate Governance

Official Sources:

Full-text Thai language official records of the Thailand business registry from mid-year 2008 to present. Data include firm name and juristic person number, identity of principals, firm addresses, shareholders’ nationalities, industry sector, firm objectives, registered capital, date of formation, and other information.

Full-text English language records 2012 to present, same originator, including English-language name of firm and address.

Advantages Conveyed:

Every inquiry to us is handled by an experienced, professional commercial investigator from our multi-lingual staff – one who is intimately familiar with the numerous quirks in Thai record-keeping and potential points of failure that risk false negatives in searches. This includes the transliteration of proper names (natural persons and commercial entities) from other languages to Thai.

A clerk or paralegal attempting similar research (as for a reverse directorship search) may source one or two Thai spellings of a Western name from the Thai language Wikipedia and stop there. Through use of our proprietary tools and summary analysis of the whole data set, we know there are no less than 7 ways to spell the common Western name “Graham” in Thai, 6 for “Edward”, and so forth. Our intensive IT-driven approaches also facilitate an unequaled capability in partial name matching to further reduce false negatives.

And we excel not only in discovering and thoroughly documenting individual business interests, but also in illuminating extensive family and other collective holdings and business networks through shared directorships, addresses in common, and other key data. Our skills in data visualization allow for ready interpretation and presentation of our findings in the boardroom, courtroom, and all other professional contexts.