VIP & Close Personal Protection

Security Training & Simulations

    here Crisis & Emergency Simulations & Training APAC Assistance Directors and specialists work with client companies in addressing the training needs of the organization and relevant personnel, and evaluating the level of existing crisis and emergency management plans relative to the risks and threats faced by the company. We then develop the simulation training modules and scripts using these information … Continue reading Security Training & Simulations

Crisis Management & Business Continuity

Travel Security

    TRAVEL RISK MANAGEMENT (TRM) In partnership with iJET, a global leader in intelligence and travel risk solutions provider, and through our travel risk portal, we have the capability to assist companies in providing their employees and dependents with the most up-to-date information and alerts on life-threatening situations and events, evolving or emerging situations, and other risks whether man-made or … Continue reading Travel Security

Security Management & Risk Assessments

    tadacip generika 40mg Security Risk & Vulnerability Assessments Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments are the foundation of a strong and effective security management program. APAC Assistance has undertaken security and vulnerability risk assessments on a wide array of facilities, infrastructure, and assets for large corporations and organizations with broad geographic coverage and footprint. Asset Protection Our security specialists have a broad … Continue reading Security Management & Risk Assessments

Risk Management

    Travel And Security • We provide corporations and individuals with comprehensive and detailed security briefings on nominated destinations from information overview to in country escort and support • Pre-travel safety and security briefs • Risk briefs to support strategic decisions at the Regional and Country level by supporting global and regional teams • Security planning … Continue reading Risk Management