Crisis Management & Business Continuity Emergency Response and Crisis Management

APAC Assistance directors and specialists have responded to and assisted companies and organizations in almost all of the major crises and emergency events in the Asia-Pacific Region. From the Indian Ocean tsunami in Thailand and Indonesia; to Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar; the earthquakes in Nepal and Chengdu, Super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines; the great East Japan tsunami; massive floods in Manila, Mindanao, Bangkok, and Jakarta. We have assisted companies and organizations in preventing and mitigating the negative impact on businesses of civil unrests and disturbances in Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands. Our Directors have supported and advised senior executives and corporate management teams at the regional and global level.

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synthroid 150mg We have designed and developed crisis and emergency plans for corporations and organizations at the macro and micro levels. We make sure that the plans ensure a cross-cutting, unified and consistent approach to crisis and emergency management that is agile and responsive to sudden changes in the risk/threat environment. Our processes include a detailed examination of the company’s policies, or in the absence of this, help develop the appropriate corporate crisis and emergency policy. We then evaluate the decision-making structure and establish the enabling and inhibiting issues, assess communication protocols and processes, and evaluate the level of crisis and emergency management competency of personnel. We make sure the plan undergoes rigorous testing and review while making sure it is fully functional and will address security and emergency needs during simulations and live invocations. We also assist companies in designing and equipping emergency control centers and acquisition of fit for purpose emergency equipment and solutions.

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APAC Assistance Directors and specialists work with client companies in addressing the training needs of the organization and relevant personnel, and evaluating the level of existing crisis and emergency management plans relative to the risks and threats faced by the company. We then develop the simulation training modules and scripts using these information and lessons learnt from our long and extensive experience in responding to and managing crisis and emergency situations.