Security Management and Risk Assessments Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

get link Security Risk and Vulnerability Assessments are the foundation of a strong and effective security management program. APAC Assistance has undertaken security and vulnerability risk assessments on a wide array of facilities, infrastructure, and assets for large corporations and organizations with broad geographic coverage and footprint.

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Our security specialists have a broad range of experience in developing strategy and plans for the protection of assets in the energy and resource sector, intermodal transportation and logistics, information and communications technology industry, multinational corporations and organizations, global hotel chain businesses, financial services and banking sector, multilateral organizations, and international nongovernment and development organizations. APAC Assistance employs pragmatic and sensible approach to security risk and vulnerability assessments using globally accepted methodologies and combination of physical surveys, risk analysis, and utilization of proprietary global intelligence databases. APAC Assistance Directors have strong experience in managing physical security and technology projects across the region and interfacing with global real estate and facilities project managers, engineers, architects, and providers.