Audio Overview of South Asia Issues, Thusday, 3 January 2019

APAC Assistance Director Paul Quaglia discusses South Asia secuity issues. 


  • More than 95,000 suspects were arrested by Sri Lankan police for drug possession during countrywide raids in 2018. The suspects were arrested for possession of drugs including heroin, cocaine, hashish, cannabis, and methamphetamine. Over 736 kg of heroin with an approximate street value of USD 4.5 million were seized during the raids.
  • Drug trafficking by criminal gangs is a major concern for law enforcement agencies in Sri Lanka. More than 200 people were killed in gang-related murders in 2018 most of which was drug related.
  • Clients are advised to be aware of drug related violence in Colombo and other major cities. Avoid Colombo night-life areas where the gangs are known to be active.



  • Violent protests were reported across the south-Indian state of Kerala yesterday after two women in their forties entered the Sabarimala (sa-ba-ree-mala) temple. One supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party was killed in clashes during the protest in Pandalam (pan-da-lum). The supporters of Communists Party of India – Marxist who are in support of entry of women of all ages inside the temple, allegedly attacked the protest.
  • Several people were injured in such clashes across the state and several buses were stoned in Thiruvananthapuram (tri-van-drum), Kollam (ko-lum), and Kochi. The protesters forced shops to close in many towns and blocked traffic.
  • Clients are advised to avoid prominent landmarks expected to host further protests. Monitor alerts and advisories from APAC assistance for further updates.


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