APAC Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Operational Risk Membership Service

APAC Assistance is a bespoke security and risk management firm with a proven track record of serving multinational clients across the Asia Pacific region. Our risk management services enable businesses to focus on their core operation with optimum utilization of resources.

APAC Assistance offers focused services for Papua New Guinea tailored specifically for the client’s footprint. We have a team of highly experienced experts in the country along with the Founding Director Paul Quaglia who has high-level management experience to assist the multinational corporations with complex decision-making processes. APAC Assistance with its trained and experienced personnel supports businesses in the country through a comprehensive approach to security and risk management. Clients are aided with a range of services to mitigate the risks while enabling business operations in the country.

Our Papua New Guinea Membership service combines the following service components:

  • Direct access to Paul Quaglia for risk management, security, and emergency advice
  • Analysis of emerging situations
  • Daily major development roundups. advisories and alerts on Papua New Guinea
  • Access time to access the team of analysts and directors
  • Ability to commission customized assessment reports on Papua New Guinea covering specific locations or issues.
  • Secure instant messaging channel for alerts
  • Utilization of the database and analytical tools via our analysis team

Papua New Guinea Operational Field Support Services

APAC Assistance provides on-ground support to clients with a dynamic footprint in Papua New Guinea and the service delivery is designed to meet the specific business needs of the client. The operational support services enable businesses to tackle the challenging security and risk environment in the country with specialist field operatives. Highly trained and experienced personnel deployed to enable businesses to focus on operations while ensuring the security of executives and assets. Operational support to business provides a unique localized context helping in the overall planning and management of resources for business operations as well as investments.

APAC Assistance personnel are trained and locally based with substantial experience in the country including in the rural and tribal areas. APAC Assistance provides a comprehensive risk management solution to enable clients to manage the country’s overall risk paradigm. Following are some of the specialist components of the bespoke service in addition to the service components in the membership service:

  • Vehicle escorts
  • Response co-ordination
  • Convoy route monitoring
  • Managed intelligence
  • Incident monitoring
  • Alerts on a secure messaging platform
  • Armed close protection
  • Government liaison
  • Operational support
  • Planning and management
  • Travel risk assessments
  • Country and localized risk evaluation
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