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Alerts and Advisories

APAC’s Information Services team produces approximately 150 Alerts and Advisories per month.

Information Analysis

APAC has the most diverse information team. We have bi-lingual expatriates and nationals located in the cities and countries they analyze.

Risk Assessments and Reports

APAC  provides timely reports based on major country specific events (elections and emerging political parties, terrorist incidents etc.). The goal is to keep our clients in the loop and not miss out on the important occurrences from where they are situated.

Cash In Transit

APAC Assistance aims to set a new standard in security services with our new risk management and Cash in Transit (CIT) partners in Myanmar.

People Tracking

We supply a simple and cost effective APP that tracks people that are often in a lone worker situation in cities with cellular data and Wifi connectivity.

Tracking and Visualisation

We provide clients with a high tech tracking capability. This technology in device agnostic, it allows off grid (using GPS) tracking of people and vehicles. It integrates with GPRS (cellular connections), WiFi and with GPS communication devices. It allows integration of sensors in assets. This technology allows asset visualisation.

Social Media Scanning

An Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform which collects and analyses information from open sources such as social media, websites and the darkweb. It saves analysts time by acting as force multiplier, automating collection and analysis of large volumes of data in near real time.

Managerial Training
APAC Assistance has developed managerial development courses. These are based on the time tested military training for operational training for arms corps officers and NCO. Training is tailored for each clients needs. It can be linked into mentoring programs. The training consists of Effective Communication, The Principle of Leadership, Developing Productive Teams, and The Principles of Complex Operational Planning.
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