APAC Assistance Drives Jakarta Rugby 10’s to New Heights

APAC Assistance continued support for the growth of rugby in Indonesia manifested as platinum title sponsorship for the annual rugby competition hosted by the Jakarta Komodos Rugby Football Club. The much-anticipated event has been renamed as the “APAC Assistance 2024 Jakarta Rugby 10’s”. The annual tournament was held on May 18, 2024, at the Gelora Bung Karno Rugby Field in Jakarta.

The APAC Assistance 2024 Jakarta Rugby 10’s was attended by approximately 600 athletes and 300 spectators. It was the largest one-day rugby tournament in Indonesia on that day. The event featured 80 rugby matches, showcasing both development teams from Indonesia and established teams from across Southeast Asia and as far away as Australia.

The tournament featured a diverse lineup of competitions, including the Men’s Open, Vet’s Open (40+), and Women’s 7’s categories. This variety ensures a broad representation of talent and provides an inclusive platform for players of different age groups and genders to compete and celebrate their love for the game.

The Men’s Open category drew some of the best rugby teams from Indonesia and neighboring countries, showcasing intense matches that highlighted the skills and strategies of seasoned players. The Vet’s Open category, on the other hand, brought together veteran players who had significantly contributed to the sport over the years, providing them with an opportunity to display their enduring passion and expertise on the field. In the Women’s 7’s category, female athletes competed in a fast-paced, seven-a-side format, emphasizing speed, agility, and teamwork. This inclusion reflected the growing popularity of women’s rugby and commitment to promoting gender equality in sports.

“We are thrilled to continue to support the Jakarta Komodos’ annual Rugby 10’s tournament. Over 3 decades rugby has been developed in Indonesia by many people. Rugby develops wonderful values. It develops complex strategies and the execution of many skills. It teaches discipline, mental and physical resilience, and also integrates different functioning teams. So, it practices the need to combine components of a team into the final team result,” said Paul Quaglia, Founder and Director of APAC Assistance.

The APAC Assistance 2024 Jakarta Rugby 10’s was a showpiece of community efforts. The enjoyment that was experienced by players, officials, and the crowd is the culmination of much hard work by all teams and all clubs.

APAC Assistance wishes to thank the Jakarta Komodos Rugby Club for such a successful event. The APAC Assistance 2024 Jakarta Rugby 10’s has become an iconic event in the social and sporting calendar of Indonesia. May the tournament continue to be a great success.