Recognizing the pressing need for adept operational risk managers in regional and global capacities, APAC Assistance initiated its Recruitment Support. This offering stems from identifying a gap in the performance of operational risk managers at the regional and global level, who, despite possessing technical backgrounds, often require additional upskilling to optimally match the organization’s requirements.

Driven by our commitment to elevate industry standards, APAC Assistance provides corporations and consulting firms with a superior option for sourcing risk managers, free of charge. Unlike competitors, who may charge for similar services without guaranteeing professionalism, our Recruitment Support sets a higher benchmark. We meticulously screen candidates to ensure they possess the requisite skills and readiness to navigate complex operational risk challenges at the regional level.

Candidates recommended by APAC Assistance undergo a stringent selection process, with placements limited to individuals known to us personally and professionally for a minimum of five years. We prioritize candidates with a comprehensive understanding of corporate operations and risk management in diverse settings.

For aspiring risk managers seeking career advancement or transition opportunities, APAC Assistance invites you to join our exclusive pool of talent. Take the first step by completing our documentation. While not mandatory, completion of APAC Assistance’s Regional Risk Director Course is highly preferred. Click here to explore training opportunities and unlock your potential.

If you represent a company or organization seeking to equip your business with proficient and commercially astute risk managers, please contact us.