Shooting in Athurugiriya, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Today, i.e; July 8, 2024, two people were killed and four others were injured in a shooting near the Athurugiriya Clock Tower, Colombo, Western Province. Among the deceased was Surendra Wasantha Perera, also known as “Club Wasantha”, a local businessman. The injured are currently receiving treatment at Homagama Hospital. The shooting reportedly took place while the victims were attending the opening ceremony of a beauty salon. The police have reported that footage of the vehicle used by the suspects was recorded on a nearby CCTV camera, which is aiding their ongoing investigation to arrest those responsible for the attack. There has been a sharp increase in shootings across the country, with a total of 20 shootings reported in the first two months of 2024. 

Source: Daily News

Assessment: The incident highlights the increasing risk of gun violence in the country, which occurs due to gang violence or personal enmity. The motive of the suspects in this case remains unclear.

Advice: Clients in Sri Lanka, especially Colombo, are warned of the ongoing situation in Athurugiriya. Avoid travel in the vicinity of the Athurugiriya Clocktower. Contact APAC Assistance for risk assessments and mitigation plans for travel and operations in Sri Lanka.